The new school receptionist. Auto Attendant.

One of our existing school customers contacted us when the lockdown was 1st announced. As the teachers were now working from home, bringing new teaching challenges to the forefront.

In addition, they needed to be able to make (and receive) calls from home, without being able to access their PBX.

With an influx of calls, they also needed to make sure that parents were not left “out in the cold” & not getting through to the right person.

Facilitating better communication with Teams Voice.

Our school customer, in the Western Cape, had a desire to modernise their communication. While helping facilitate better communication between teachers and parents as well as administrators and parents.

We agreed that going with Argantic’s Kickstart for Teams Voice Basic (Deployment) option was the best way forward. Our customer also made use of Argantic’s shared-hosted option for the Voice Gateway in Azure.

The school also decided to port their number from their existing telco provider to our Partner, Switch Telecom. This porting enabled them to retain their existing phone numbers (almost 100).

Ensuring a streamlined parent/teacher/administrator experience.

To make sure that concerned parents were not left in the dark, our customer asked that we include Auto Attendant. This is a voice menu system that allows for transferring callers to the desired extension, without the need for a receptionist.

Argantic also added the call queuing functionality to make sure that any callers coming in did not experience an engaged line adding to further anxiety. This function made sure they were placed on-hold until someone was available to take their call.

As our customer was already using Office365 and MS Teams from our standard service to them so the shift to easier communication was nice and simple.

Affordable and timely technology solution for schools.

From start to finish, the deployment and simultaneous Swith Telecom activation (including new numbers) took less than 1 week!

  1. Deployment of the MS Teams Calling solution 5 days run simultaneously;
  2. New line, switch & activation, & numbers 4 days (post signing the agreement)

As our customer is a school, affordability was big on the agenda. They enjoyed a minimal investment (once-off) of R 19,990. Their monthly commitment (for 10 voice channels) now stands at;

  1. SLA @ R2,500
  2. Telco @ R250

Another happy customer! Able to make calls from home and from any device.

Additionally, through the process of being more accessible and facilitating our customer communication, they are now more aware of how extensible our Teams Voice solution is. Now allowing them to add new features as they become available.

Find out how our team at Argantic can facilitate your communication in a new world.