Standardising remote education on a national scale.

The SUN in the UK reported that the “demand for home-schooling surges”. With parents opting for “do-it-yourself” education & keeping their kids at home, education groups have found themselves needing to build capacity for learners.

For our education group client, they found themselves needing to support thousands of learners with a standardised solution.

While the world of education normally moves slowly, the sector has been forced to think of other “personal” ways to school our children.

With the new way of work, school and life our education client needed to move quickly to ensure the quality of delivery of the syllabus as well as ensuring ease of connection and collaboration of the teachers, parents and learners.

A standardised education technology solution.

Our national education client had a plethora of technology across their various schools, including Skype for Business. They also had traditional PBX systems and then implemented additionally implemented Microsoft Teams to enable teaching to continue with the learners from home.

Taking into account the size of the institution (a national footprint) and the need to deploy a viable solution, we looked to use the existing hardware. 

Working with the internal Skype Team, Argantic set to work on implementing and migrating to Teams Voice Calling. This allowed teachers to use the Microsoft Teams app, with the added benefit of making and receiving calls from anywhere.

The new “digital classrooms” have since enabled parent-teacher collaboration as lessons at the education facilities to shift to a hybrid (real vs digital) solution.

MS Teams Voice Calling as a core telephony solution.

Using the existing gateways for Skype for Business allowed for a quick turnaround of 3 weeks. Argantic cut over to MS Teams Voice Calling, while the client provided the SBC.

The client already had a Microsoft O365 tenant and licenses so did not need to add these services.

In the words of Microsoft, “as we head toward a new school year that will be largely remote or hybrid, educators are faced with new challenges”. By partnering with Argantic (a Microsoft partner), our client has been able to create a safe, healthy learning environment.

Not only are they able to shift between classrooms and online learning, but they have also designed a welcoming and engaging experience that is accessible to all learners.

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