Up & running in 1 week. A start-up story.

Your business phone number can make or break your business. According to a recent article by The Australian Financial Review, “90% of large organisations say remote meetings will become the norm.” They also highlighted that even though businesses are going back to “normal” remote meetings and work from home will be a real way of working for the immediate future.

This not only applies to large enterprise, but it also affects smaller SME’s.

As a start-up, within to food industry, our client realised that being accessible on all channels is non-negotiable. They know that having a landline number, not only allows for customers to get in touch, it also adds a sense of legitimacy. Who wants to do business with a company who uses a mobile only?

Their challenge was, that as a start-up they did not have the long-standing credit record with the telcos. This meant that opening a business account created challenges when looking to set-up their channels of communication.

The solution to becoming accessible

As a start-up, the team are always out and about with the main aim of growing the business. This meant that the company needed a solution that met their needs as an agile business, with feet on the ground. They needed a setup that would allow for them to make and receive calls while on the move.

In addition to making business calls, they also wanted to be able to collaborate to remain agile in their small business on a limited budget. Small business needs to make sure their investment within the business remains lean.

Looking at our partnership with our customer, we were able to tailor a solution that not only fits the bank and is also scalable with their business. When they grow, we grow.

The tech that makes it worthwhile

Argantic’s Kickstart for Teams Voice Lite (Deployment) option and shared-hosted option, for the Voice Gateway in Azure, made complete sense. The basic setup enables both making and receiving phone calls via Microsoft Teams. This is an app used on both PCs and mobile phones.

As our start-up customer was ‘totally greenfields’ (that is having no technology to speak of) Argantic helped set-up Microsoft licenses and setup Office365 before starting the Teams portion *Office365 is a requirement for Microsoft Teams. 

Our customer also with a growth mindset, has been given the ability to add Auto Attendant and Call queueing when their business grows. This will ensure that they never miss a call and are able to scale their business as required.

Affordable MS Teams solutions

Our client invested a once-off investment of R 9,990.00 ex Vat to get set-up. Their monthly commitment, for 4 voice channels, is a mere R 1,100.00 ex Vat per month (including line rental). The only other amount they need to consider is their normal call charges.

This all took place in only 1 week. Meaning our start-up customer was up and running and doing business as usual;

  • Deployment took 4 days, simultaneously our telecoms partner activated the line and,
  • new numbers in 3 days of receiving the signed application form.

Using Microsoft Teams Voice Calling makes sense. Chat to us on how we can help your startup continue to grow, while you stay connected with your customers.