Public sector entity & skills transfer for Microsoft365.

As part and parcel of our clients’ digital journey, they wanted to use tools including Microsoft 365 to improve efficiency and collaboration internally and externally. They had issued an RFQ where Argantic was appointed, which led to a business relationship with their SETA.

We asked our client, who is a Sector Education and Training Authority public entity, listed in schedule 3A of the PFMA, what they thought about the investment amount and how “easy it was to understand” to which they stated, based on our appointment:

  • Pricing was fair and competitive.
  • Yes, it was easy to understand.

As a long-standing business, established in March 2000, they must perform in accordance with the Skills Development Act (SDA), the Skills Development Levies Act (SDLA), the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), any other relevant legislation and the Constitution. Their SETA, in accordance with prescribed requirements –

  • develop a Sector Skills Plan within the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) framework by:
    • implementing its Sector Skills Plan
    • establishing learning programmes;
    • approving work-place skills plans and annual training reports;
    • allocating grants, in the prescribed manner and in accordance with any prescribed standards and criteria, to employers, skills development providers and workers, and
    • by monitoring the quality of occupation-based learning in the Sector;
  • promote occupation-based learning programmes that include work experience by: –
    • identifying workplaces for practical work experience;
    • improving the facilitation and assessment of learning; and
    • assisting with the conclusion of agreements for learning programmes;
  • register agreements for learning programmes;
  • support and form partnerships
  • when required to do so, as contemplated in section 7(1) of the SDLA, collect and disburse the skills development levies, allocated to it, in terms of sections 8 and 9 of the SDLA, in its Sector

As the public entity client was on their journey to rollout Microsoft 365, Argantic helped them to properly understand and set-up Microsoft 365. When we touched base with our client they said that “the proposed implementation of Microsoft 365, was implemented according to our expectation and we even saved costs in the process.

This was due to them realising that they could leverage on the features they had procured to replace other services that had the same offering but were decentralised.

One of the added benefits highlighted by our client was that they did not need to procure,

  • “Endpoint protection
  • Patch Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Encryption
  • Windows OS software
  • and many more.”

This was due to constant feedback throughout the project, which ensured our client was well-informed and happy with the process.

We asked the following 2 questions to our client;

  1. What did you think about the Technical Capability of Argantic’s Engineers?
    Experienced and they involved us throughout the project as part and parcel of skills transfer.
  2. Now that the project has been completed have your expectations been met?
    Yes, our expectations were met and even beyond. The advisory team assisted us to realise more value from the services we procured.

Argantic also worked with our public entity client to deliver on time and within budget. We additionally ensured our client was able to strengthen their security during these times where many institutions are affected by cyberattacks.

Our public entity client, post the project completion for Microsoft 365, now has improved collaboration. They easily share documents and other files without the need to worry about their sizes. This includes allowing them to also request external stakeholders to upload large files without having to worry about security and unauthorised access to their environment. Everything is scanned and cleaned before it reaches the end-user.

When we asked our client if our Argantic solution made their “problem” easier to manage or eliminated the issue, they responded,

  • Yes, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, Endpoint Manager, Advance Threat Protection and not limited to Exchange online are some of the solutions that were implemented where we have seen them addressing a lot of challenges that required human intervention but now all these are now automated.

In closing Argantic are very proud to have been told by our public entity client that they would recommend us in the future to our “very friendly and knowledgeable Team“. When we asked if there was anything else that made them willing to refer us they said that our team are available to assist clients at any time and respond promptly to queries and other related services.

Well done team on another happy Microsoft 365 client!