From the accounts department to HR and more, clients are raising concerns on productivity, security, and customer service.

“I would love to help but my files are stuck at the office” has become common. This lack of flexibility in the “new way of work” ultimately harms your business.

Bad customer experiences, ill-equipped employees and non-delivery of work mean we now need to think differently. Argantic aims to “future proof” the way you work.

Your focus should be on running your awesome business while we focus on the tech stuff.

Introducing Business Cloud Services Packages that make sense.

Moving to the cloud is the future and creates a greater work-life balance. No more running to the office to “quickly” login or retrieve files. No more business IP “floating around” people homes.

“The cloud” often scares people as it sounds daunting and expensive. However, it is quite simply, a group of remote servers that you access at the fraction of the cost of onsite servers.

When you migrate to the cloud it means you can access important business information, via the internet. Much better than saving files on your hard drive (think security) and trying to access the office building servers.

Argantic knows that in the current economic climate, it is often the set-up cost that stops the move.

“Move your office” so that your employees can carry on working.

Digital trends stated, “it’s bad enough if you lose personal photos or information but losing vital data in your business could cost you a lot of time and money, as well as potentially your reputation.”

To help our fellow businesses we have once off migration packages or monthly options available. Speak to use to find out more. 

Reasons to migrate:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Cost-effective
  3. User friendly
  4. Scalable
  5. Secure

Think of it as a large external hard drive move, so that you can connect safely via the Internet. Let us do the tech to allow your business to prosper while you and your team work safely from home or anywhere.

Instant remote access to your data

Virtual voice support and set-up

Interchangable across all devices

Avoid downtime in the future.

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