What We Do?

Argantic helps organisations to grow, function and thrive by providing solutions using Microsoft products (especially the cloud products) and select 3rd party applications. We will gladly help you with any on-premise solution within our sphere but we really get to shine when we build in the cloud.

We help customers move to the cloud and once there we assist them to use our tools and solutions to modernise and streamline their operations. Whether for a commercial business, firm or school – we can help.

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Why We Do It?

We love technology and using it to make organisations thrive.

Now we know it takes some time for new technology to mature to the point that it can be useful to the general group of organisations so we like to deploy the technology internally first before using it as part of our solution set. We love nothing better than seeing organisations realise their own vision of success using solutions we provide.

How We Do It?

Professional Services for Modern Business

We like to master really difficult stuff. We know that real value for customers lies in solving the difficult problems, automating the inefficient process and simplifying complicated systems. We take the Microsoft Cloud stack and select 3rd party products and we use them as individual parts of a fantastic platform that allows us to do wondrous things. From switching on Teams Voice or automating a business process using SharePoint, Powerapps, and Flow, we weave the elements together in a way that was always difficult in the past. With the Cloud maturing at a rapid rate, our solutions scopes are becoming ever broader.

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