Microsoft Teams Virtual “office spaces” to keep team members connected across countries and time zones. 

MS Teams allows fast decision making, establishing communication for your distributed team. Customisable features allows every team to reshape their working environment efficiency with content sharing from virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Teams allows you to accommodate the diverse work styles present within your organisation. Help your team achieve more with their designated space to be more creative and share ideas instantly and easily.

Customisable features allows every team to reshape their working environment to improve efficiency and increase productivity. An intelligent communication system allows for automation, notification settings and chatbot to provide additional support. Ensuring everyone has what they need.


Express your personality through gifs, stickers or emojis in either a private or group message.


A single interface can take you from a 10 people chat conference to a 10 000 people video conference with a touch of a button.


Cut through organisational boundaries, allowing your team to be more connected, to manage a great flow of information.


Open possibilities to access, share and edit content in real time. Allowing your team to confidently work together.

Microsoft Teams Enterprise virtual “office spaces” business application software solutions allows for remote communication.

MS Teams offers both asynchronous and synchronous communication channels.

Contact Argantic to set up your Business Microsoft Teams virtual office and allow your team to stay connected and get more done in the process. We help with automating your organisational processes and enable your infrastructure to keep the engine running.

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