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Backup all your Office 365 data with Keepit

Data in the cloud does need backing up too!  

Keepit offers backup for Office365 (Email, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Teams, in-place Archive, One Drive, SharePoint sites & more!

Email: Backup and restore Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Folders, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and  In-place Archives

Teams: Protect the modern collaboration tool with everything from channels, conversations, files, planners, tasks, calendars, Wiki, Team Sites, and more!

OneDrive: Back up and recover all files and folders inside your personal OneDrive and protect against sync-errors.

SharePoint: Backup and restore everything in SharePoint from Document Libraries, Lists, Site Collections, Views, Permissions, Content Types, Columns, and SubSites

Groups: Cover the strong part of Microsoft Office 365 capturing conversations, notebooks and sites

Public Folders: Keepit also protects the much used collaborative feature of Office 365 including all messages and permissions

1. Why would I need back-up if the data is in the Microsoft 365 cloud and has a Recycle Bin?

The data in the cloud is safe and secure,however, Microsoft themselves recommend backup of Office365 data.
We also need to protect from accidental deletion or

2. What is the retention period?

The retention period is 365 days as Standard, +10% for 5 years +15% for 10years.

3. What are the costs involved?

R72,00 per user monthly FREE Setup Month to month contract, for 1TB.

4. What about employees who use files occasionally, then realise they can’t find them or may have deleted them?

As Keepit retains data for 365 days as standard, you can easily go back and locate this data.

5. Some of our ‘long service’ employees may have more than 1TB of data in Microsoft 365, what about them?

In this case, you simply purchase an additional user license for every 1TB additional.

6. Is it a requirement to sign up for ALL Employees?

No, you can decide which employees you like to start with and later scale-up if needed!

7. What about the skills and time needed to set up the backups?

Argantic will set up everything for the first data ingestion which is typically done in a day.

8. How often are files backed up and how does one initiate it?

Back-ups are done daily and are fully automated. You also receive detailed a health report.

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