Argantic Microsoft Teams Voice2020-04-03T14:40:52+02:00

Microsoft Teams Voice Calls using Direct Routing enables you to make landline, mobile or international calls from your mobile or PC from anywhere in the world with a local outgoing number.

What is Direct Routing?2020-01-30T14:02:08+02:00

Direct routing uses a cloud-based gateway (Azure in a South African datacenter) that connects over the internet to your telco provider.

Why is Teams Voice different?2020-01-30T14:05:41+02:00

The calls route directly to the local PSTN (South African) without going via Europe or any other cloud region.

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Deployment package options start from as little as R 9,999.

* Deployment packages are a once-off investment and monthly charges may apply depending on the support options selected.

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